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Advanced Medical Doctors of California (AMDC) is a multicultural Independent Physician Association (IPA) and was established by a group of physicians who wish to service their managed care patients’ healthcare needs efficiently without compromising the quality.  In this rapidly changing field of healthcare, the doctors feel it is important to remain autonomous so that they may practice medicine in a cost effective manner and provide the best quality medical care.

AMDC has established relationships with all the medical specialties in our community who will provide the necessary care which cannot be rendered by the primary care physician. With the established relationship between the AMDC primary care providers and the medical and surgical specialist, AMDC is able to provide the most comprehensive care to their patients. AMDC is proud of the network of physicians they are able to call on.

AMDC physicians would like to improve the longevity and quality of life of all their patients. They have made it a priority to ensure timely access to any healthcare needs necessary for the patients. These are the founding principles of AMDC and which AMDC continues to strive for on a daily basis.

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